The Pain

I love to draw, and it has always been my passion. But, unfortunately, there is not always that much time and energy for this because of POTS. Once in a while I take a moment just to make a quick sketch to keep practicing. In one of those moments, I made this drawing:

Drawing illustrating pain spreading throughout the body from the neck.I just started drawing without any idea about, what it was going to be, so I was surprised when the figure began to take shape. It was clear to me that this was an attempt to grasp the pain I am feeling most of the time. My pain always starts in the back of my head and spreads out through my limbs. That day the pain was extremely strong in my neck, down my back and down through my legs, and somehow the pain spilled over into the drawing.



3 thoughts on “The Pain”

    1. Hi SV

      Thank you so much for the link. I am so touched that you want to help me. I have actually followed this advice for many years now, and the regular exercise regime did improve my condition greatly. However, I am unfortunately not one of those who were “cured” by it. Changing to a low-carb diet and exercising regularly are the two things that has helped me the most, and I do believe that they are the reason why I can function semi-normally today (even though I feel my POTS everyday I am able to keep a full-time job). So it was indeed good advice you had found. Do you have POTS?

      Best wishes

      1. Hi Maria,

        Nope, i dont have POTS. One click lead to another n i landed on your blog…leme confess, before coming to your page, wasnt aware that a medical condition like this exist. So if the purpose of writing this blog was to create awarenss than today some bit of it has happened. šŸ™‚

        Hey! Explore silva dynamic dosnt know what makes a positive impact to your body..

        N yes young lady, from what i have understood about this condition, must say u r a brave fighter and a survivor! Every day you will beat POTS to dust :-). Who knows one day you will get up n realise it has accepted its defeat..

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